Croozer Dog Jokke Large 2020

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2 Wheels For 4 Legged Friends!

The new Croozer dog trailers have been developed to transport larger and heavier dogs.  Designed to offer plenty of space for tall dogs with a very low and wide entry door for easy entry. This means that you can easily take along an older or ailing dog on your family outings as part of the family.  You can also take puppies whose physical activity should managed to avoid problems in later life.  There are three sizes available for 2019:  L, XL and XXL. Chose the one you need depending on the size and weight of your dog.

For an easy guide to which size trailer you'll need for your dog please Click Here

Well Thought Out:

Always On Hand

Practical take along items can be hung on the tool bar that is mounted to the outside of the trailer.  The integrated exterior pocket is ideal for your dog's lead, coat or collapsible bowl

Even For Bigger Dogs

Thanks to the exceptionally large passenger compartment and well balanced length to width ratio large dogs can step into the trailer with ease and sit or lie down in comfort

Zip Open Sunroof

Curious canines can use the open sunroof to check out interesting sights and smells while riding in the trailer


All Round Protection:

Optimal Ventilation

The front panel, side windows and rear door are made from a heavy duty mesh material. During the ride the front window can be opened all the way to the middle bar.  Simply fold the mesh flap over the bar so that it hangs outside the traier, where it cant be chewed on.  When helping your dog to get used to the trailer the front window can be opened all the way

Looking Ahead

The blind on the rear door can be closed to help prevent nervous or exciable dogs from focusing too much attention on the people, dogs or other animals you pass

Clean And Dry

A clear protective cover can be mounted to the front of the trailer to keep moisture out of the passenger compartment


Quality In Every Layer:

Chew Proof

The Puppy Guard can be mounted over the zippers inside the passenger compartment.  This practical accessory for both puppies and older dogs is removable and has a washable surface.  Its high sided walls keep the edges of materials safe from sharp puppy teeth. (Supplied separately)

Non Slip Mat

The Non Slip Mat gives your dog secure footing when entering the trailer.  This helps him feel safe in the new vehicle.  It is removable and has a washable surface

Solid Floor

The stable floor panel is made of hard plastic and riveted to the frame


Easy Folding

Compact storage size thanks to the user friendly telescopic folding mechanism



  • Dog bike trailer for large breeds
  • Compact for transport thanks to telescopic folding system
  • Compact for transport thanks to telescopic folding system
  • Generous interior height in front
  • Zip open panels on front and top
  • Solid base with non slip mat
  • Parking brake on both wheels
  • Excellent ventilation through heavy duty mesh panels on front, sides and rear
  • Roll up screen on rear panel
  • Removable protective cover in front keeps out rain and dirt
  • Bumper with openings for bike lock
  • Lockable hitch arm with Click & Crooz hitch
  • Support block for training can be cut out of the cardboard
  • Battery powered tail light included
  • Special hitches available for any bike (accessory)
  • Parking support bar (accessory)
  • Stroller wheel with handlebar available as stroller kit (accessory)
  • Removable and washable floor pan with side protection (accessory)


Your Trailer Is Supplied With: Specifications:


  • Bike trailer for big dogs
  • Including a battery powered rear light
  • Bicycle tow arm
  • Universal hitch included
  • Safety flag
  • Front support stand (support block for training can be cut out of the cardboard)
  • Puppy guard





  • Frame Material: Aluminum frame
  • Colour: Grasshopper Green
  • Headroom:  77 cm
  • L x W x H: 105 x 86 x 93 cm
  • L x W x H Folded:  100 x 86 x 26 cm
  • Load Capacity: 45 kg
  • Wheels:  20" spoked wheels with reflective strips
  • Door opening: 46 x 63 cm
  • Floor Space: 90 cm
  • W
  • Trailer weight: 16.9kg



Developed With Experts Low Door Doggy Sunroof
The dog trailer was designed in collaboration with veterinarians, breeders, dog trainers and canine therapists. Croozer would like to thank all of their expert advisers for their valuable input! Low, wide and large door offers easy entry for ailing or older dogs, as well as puppies. Even dogs with severely limited mobility can step up onto the floor of the passenger compartment, a mere 14 cm (5½ inch) off the ground.

Your curious pet will love sticking his or her nose out of the sunroof like opening and enjoying the breeze.

This feature also helps dogs get used to riding in the trailer.

Dog Crate Included Fresh Air Guaranteed The Croozer Warranty
As a cosy den for your dog at home, at the office or on trips.  Its also great for helping puppies become accustomed to the trailer. The large mesh windows ensure excellent ventilation, even on hot summer days.

The Croozer promise to you: 3 year warranty on your 2018 or newer Croozer bicycle trailer. 10 year warranty on the frame.

Tested For Safey The Right Connection
Croozer trailers are tested in accordance with the standards EN 15918 for bicycle trailers and EN 1888 for wheeled child conveyances. The universal hitch doesn’t fit to your bike? No problem – Croozer offers you a wide range of solutions for safely hitching your trailer.



Your Guide To A Happy Dog!


MSRP: £800.00

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