Carry Freedom


Come on in to the car free world!

Carry Freedom create innovative high quality solutions tailored for people living in the real world.  They have a dream, a dream of moving things without wasting resources using human pedal power. Every journey with a trailer is a journey without a car.

Its a beautiful, simple yet effective and productive dream.  At Amba we're really proud to be working with Carry Freedom to help make the world a little bit better, journey by journey for everyone.


Photos List
Bml112 ixxi rear view 1568658309
Cfy6 orange 1568660094
Cfy23 complete hitch kit 1569524673
Cfy5 flag   light holder 1568659181
Cfl1 leaf side view 1568131521
Cfy45 front reflector white 1569519265
Cfy4 hand cart handle 1569598858
Cfy25 hitch for e bikes 1569596615
Cfy24 y trailer hitch  1569525088
Cfy21 feet for box 1568913784
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