Carry Freedom


Come on in to the car free world!  Free your life, free your bike and carry more!

Carry Freedom create innovative high quality solutions tailored for people living in the real world.  They have a dream, a dream of moving things without wasting resources using human pedal power. Every journey with a trailer is a journey without a car.  By making “stuff carrying by bike” easy, Carry Freedom encourages more cycle journeys. These trailers are frequently the last step for people to stop depending on their car.

Carry Freedom trailers are being sold through out the world. The Y is the iconic load trailer, carries everything from kayaks to beer crates. The LEAF is new and folding. The Y-Surf with a board carrying capacity, also for ladders and cellos. The Bamboo Trailer, for the 3rd World Project has been downloaded thousands of times and rebuilt in remote areas. 

Carry Freedom have a  beautiful, simple yet effective and productive dream.  At Amba we're really proud to be working with Carry Freedom to help make the world a little bit better, journey by journey for everyone

Volt Stories – Alastdair MacLeod in Ali The Fisherman - A film by Ar Eatwell & Myle Metcalfe 

In loving memory of Alasdair Macleod. VOLT™ Stories is a new series of videos VOLT Electric Bicycles made to that share some of the unique and surprising ways their customers use their ebikes. This story shows Alasdair Macleod, a local fisherman from Applecross on the northwest coast of the Scottish Highlands. The area’s mountains and coastlines are among the UK’s most idyllic sights. Featured on BBC News, Applecross is one of the first communities to power all local homes and businesses directly from its hydro scheme in hopes of becoming energy self sufficient. To reduce his own carbon footprint, Alasdair made the switch to a VOLT™ Alpine and a CARRY FREEDOM Y Trailer to deliver his catch around the village. Soon enough, the E-Bike became central to his day to day routine. His rear wheel is wobbling a bit on the trailer!

Bike 2 Boat - Across The Alps - A film by Olaf Obsommer

A new Bike 2 Boat Adventure! With bike, kayak and a Carry Freedom trailer from Cannes to Venice. After last year’s Bike 2 Boat trip through Norway, Olaf Obsommer, Jens Klatt & Philip Baues decided to start a new adventure: They explored the countryside by bike & wild waters of the Alps by kayak between Cannes & Venice. 5 countries, 2000 kilometers, 22.000 meters of altitude, 18 rivers, 52 days on the bike & in the boat. To travel the Alps by bike & kayak is an intense way to explore the countryside. Stop where you want, sleep where you fall over & paddle as much as you can


Bike 2 Boat - Norway - A film by Olaf Obsommer


Africa Trike - A recumbent and a bike trialier through Africa

Frédéric Lepron – Modern day adventurer: With an Azub Trike and a Carry Freedom Y trailer. The journey went from Morocco to South Africa, a long journey through many different climate zones and cultures. It was a tough trip, 16000 km and 17 countries, the heat and the distance are one thing, but the road conditions are also considerable.


Photos List
Bml112 ixxi rear view 1568658309
Cfy6 orange 1568660094
Cfy23 complete hitch kit 1569524673
Cfy5 flag   light holder 1568659181
Cfl1 leaf side view 1568131521
Cfy45 front reflector white 1569519265
Cfy4 hand cart handle 1569598858
Cfy25 hitch for e bikes 1569596615
Cfy24 y trailer hitch  1569525088
Cfy21 feet for box 1568913784
Cfl5 lollypop elastomer  1568912843
Cfl5 lollypop elastomer  1569501164
Cfy10 looong tow arm in use 1569521321
Off side view 1568280375
Off side view 1568279775
Cfy35 16  complete wheel left 1569602716
Cfy35 16  complete wheel left 1569602775
Cfy35 16  complete wheel left 1569603486
Cfy35 16  complete wheel left 1569603530
Cfy35 16  complete wheel left 1569603058
Cfy35 16  complete wheel left 1569603585
Cfy52 replacement frame for y small 1569600696
Cfy52 replacement frame for y small 1569604805
Cfy52 replacement frame for y small 1569604488
Cfy29 rubber hub cap 1569601305
Cfy29 rubber hub cap 1569601344
Cfy42 safety pin for hitch  tow arm 1569600974
Clf7 safety strap for lollypop 1568913408
Clf7 safety strap for lollypop 1569498884
Cfy13 spacer to use with looong arm 1569521799
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