The Axa group of companies spans Europe with offices and production facilities in many countries including France and Holland. Axa makes a huge range of products from basic models to high security models. Amba imports a selected range of the higher quality locks and cables. We believe that quality security products are needed in this day and age. The products are tested to the British Sold Secure Standards. Sold Secure is the recognised lock testing facility in the UK supplying data to commercial customers, the insurance industry, The Home Office, the Police and the public. Using a Sold Secure security devise can reduce your insurance costs for your bicycle.

Photos List
Lk55 block xxl
Lk46 solid plus with keys
Lk48 victory black
Lk37 defender frame lock
Axal3 blueline 30 steady auto
Axal4 blueline 30 switch
Axal1 blueline 50 steady auto in situ
Axal2 blueline 50 switch in situ side view
Axal7 blueline steady in situ lit 50mm
Axa classic light in situ
Axaclassc classic chrome
1453 0 full lk42 dpi110 plug in chain 23
Flex fitting kit open
Axa fold 100 front bracket
Axa fold 85 front bracket
1831 0 full lk49 23
1831 0 full lk49 23
Axal13 front
Dy1 hr traction l h
Lk61 linq city 100 chain lock 100 7
Lk61 linq city 100 chain lock 100 7
Lk59 newton 110 chain combi lock 110.5.5
Lk57 newton 150 10 plug in cable
Screen shot 2018 10 31 at 10.51.13
Lk58 newton 95 code
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