Kool Stop Braking Rim & Disc Pads + Accessories

Kool Stop International Inc. was founded back in 1978, in Oregon USA. While making friction components for industrial applications, the owner Richard Everett, began supplying a few compounds to the bicycle industry. After creating the first bicycle brake pad that had an internal frame and an air cooled heat sink, the small garage based company started to build a name for itself.  The international growth of the Kool Stop name has carved out a niche in the market for quality brake pads in all areas of the cycling industry.  Kool Stop is available from a range of quality retailers across the UK and Ireland who purchase from Amba.



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H12ks525 v2 holder   inserts
T7ksvblk vans black 1577540999
T7ksvnavy vans dark navy
T7ksvgrn 1577542257
T7ksvl vans lavender
T7ksp vans pink
T7ksvlp vans light purple
T7ksvo vans orange
T7ksvr vans red
T7ksvlb vans light blue
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