Hebie SWAP Mix Seat Post Foils - 3 Designs

What a great idea from Hebie to keep your bike looking fresh and new!  The buzz word is “3 for 1“. Alongside the mudguard brackets, you can get three sporty and stylishly designed foils, which can be exchanged quickly and simply.  Boring black is passé and bikers now have the right design for any ride.  Compatible with 26" up to 29" wheels.

The clip on guard fixing is discreetly screwed to the seat post with four screws and ensures a solid hold. The quick release function on the bracket allows you to quickly dismantle the bracket and the mudguard. The foils are fixed and taken off with an intelligent fastener underneath the mudguard. Top performance in a totally new look!

Key Features:

  • Clip on guard fixing & bracket & 3 foils
  • Quick release function on the bracket
  • Quick exchange of foils without tools
  • Foils can be bent to different degrees as required
  • Length: approx. 57 cm
  • Width: approx. 13 cm

Advice For Mounting:

  • After mounting the mudguard the distance between mudguard and tyre should not be less than 6 mm
  • Check mudguard before every use for firm fitment and tighten if necessary
  • Please remove grease from the tube

MSRP: £20.00


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