Croozer Trailers

The flexibility of Croozer's trailers makes travelling easy for you. Supplied with three kits as standard you don't have to decide today what you will need tomorrow. It's quick and easy to change from bike trailer, to stroller, to buggy mode. With easy practical storage of the kits on the trailer itself the Croozer trailers are designed for multifunctional use day in day out. Croozer allows you to go the nursery, the park, the shops, to get fit walking fast or to take a bike ride with the family. Such versatility and flexibility is great. The Croozer Kid range is designed in Germany with passion, enthusiasm, dedication to quality and attention to detail. Croozer believes that good ideas for having a lovely time with the children does not need to cost a fortune; therefore a Croozer isn't full of worthless gadgets it's just elegantly designed with primary attention being given to clean functionality and safety for the children. From 2014 there is a new easy to operate parking brake and for the children there are bigger windows, more visibility and a more spacious feel. The robust frame comes with a ten year warranty. Your Croozer trailer is a treasure chest, a favourite place, occasionally a playground or a cosy corner, a transport wonder, a hero of the everyday. They are with you right from the start of your journey, enjoy it. If you don't have to use a car to get from A to B, Croozer offers you environmentally friendly, safe, fun ways to to out and about using one of our quality child trailers. Whether you go to the nursery, the park, or have a great day out with the family we are very pleased to offer you a Croozer trailer. Croozer offers quality, intelligent transportation solutions for anyone who enjoys being out and about with their family whether riding, walking or jogging. The multifunctional Croozer child transportation system focuses on safety, usability and clean functionality. Cleverly thought out design shows in every detail. The Kid Plus range with its' state of the art Sylomer® suspension system offers the smoothest of rides, an enhanced seating area and an easy to use parking brake. The Croozer Kid range are ideal for small babies upwards. In the summer months just keep the mesh down when you're cycling to keep the stones and flies out and in the winter the all weather cover keeps out the cold wind and rain!