Hebie Viper T Set For Trekking & City 761 E

The classic urban/trekking version of the Viper mudguard set for the non equipped 28" bicycle in everyday use. Designed to sit close to the tyre and following the radius of the wheel the Viper T also provides reliable and inconspicuous protection from the wet and dirt.  The 761 is a clip on mudguard offering the same level of protection of a fixed mudguard.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for 28" wheel size
  • Clean forms and design
  • Strongly enhanced splash protection due to technical revision with extension of mudguards front and rear
  • Highly warp resistant design
  • Mounted using approved standard bracket of stainless steel
  • Includes stainless steel fixings (bracket etc.) and seat tube clamp
  • Easy to fit in a matter of seconds
  • Length front approx. 60 cm, rear approx. 78 cm
  • Width approx. 42 - 45 mm
  • Weight: 350 g incl. fixings, 280 g without fixings
  • Colour: Black

MSRP: £21.00


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