Busch + Müller Cycle Star 80mm Long Curved Stem

The 80mm version of the popular Cyclestar mirror offering a 75% larger field of vision. The design is unique and functional offering a large field of vision. The mirror is very easy to fit with plenty of adjustment for perfect alignment. It is supplied with a bar end fitting kit and jubilee clip for the handlebars.  Will fit left and right hand side as needed.

Key Features:

  • Wide rear vision - diameter 80 mm
  • Bar length approximately 13 cm
  • Fits securely on to handlebars or bar end
  • Universal assembly system
  • Moves in all directions 
  • Mirror housing folds in when needed
  • Anti corrosive materials used
  • Features convex splinter proof lens with convex glass
  • Light weight

MSRP: £20.00


Amba Distribution Limited
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