Busch + Müller Secula Mudguard Mounted

Key Features:

  • Single high powered LED
  • Exceptionally bright LineTec light crown
  • Standlight
  • Centrally integrated rear reflector
  • Compact casing 38 x 55 mm
  • Approved by German road traffic regulations

For use with hub dynamos only

The Secula is a compact rear light designed to fit onto the mudguard.  Equipped with LineTec optics that create a corona of light from one high power LED around a central reflector.   The optics have a prism system which creates a light crown which is very distinctive due to its 'spatial' shape. The transparent glass on the circumference shines bright red when in use.

What is LineTec?

When a rear light shines only as a single point of light, other traffic participants approaching a bicycle at night from behind can estimate the distance only inadequately.  This changes when the rear light becomes a wide light strip: Now the distance can be perceived much more accurately, because the light strip emits a "spatial light" in the 'spaceless' dark.  This special technology that creates a homogenous light strip from one high output LED is called LineTec.

MSRP: £22.00


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