Busch + Müller Cyo Premium Senso Plus 80 Lux

Key Features:

  • 80 Lux output 
  • Extensive ligt field
  • Light at close range
  • On off switch
  • Standlight
  • Senso function

For use with hub dynamos only 

This light has IQ2 technology which means it offers an unprecedented large area light field. The reflector and LED positioning and cooling are all radically improved as well.  With the help of a prism, light output and efficiency are substantially increased.  Additional LEDs combined with electronic control allows for "dynamic light", adapted to the road situation. Supplied with a stainless steel mounting bracket.

Light At Close Range:

For a secure ride it is important to be able to see the road directly in front of the bicycle. Bumps or potholes in the road can be seen better if this area is lit and can be circumnavigated by short and intuitive steering. During darkness this is only possible if the area between one and four metres in front of the bicycle is lit brightly and homogenously. Subjectively the need for light at close range is higher the slower one is riding, because one's balance can more easily be influenced by obstacles. "With light at close range" means that the light field emitted by the B+M headlights starts directly one metre in front of the bicycle.

IQ Technology: The Light Revolution: 

+M the core of IQ-TEC is the revolutionary idea to use a high output LED as an indirect light source. The complete reflective surface is used to focus and guide the light. If one looks into the reflector of an IQ headlight one only sees the metalised surface. Once the headlight is turned on what takes its place is "nothing but light" with superb efficiency and barely any wasted stray light. 

MSRP: £82.00


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