Kool Stop Cross Holder Canti + Triple Compound Inserts

Key Features:

  • Aluminum holder
  • Water grooves
  • Dual pivot adjustment
  • Triple compound
  • Thicker pad for longer life
  • Weight: ca. 29 g/pair
  • Made in the USA

The light weight Dura type holders made from forged aluminum with dual pivot adjustment with a triple compound insert. The holder will fit most Shimano type brake systems. These are ideal for Cyclocross bikes.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Clean the rim surface before installing new pads
  2. Place the new Kool Stop pads into the brake caliper arms and finger tighten the nuts
  3. Squeeze brake lever to allow correct pad to rim alignment; tighten the nuts.  Do not over tighten
  4. Break In Pads.  Full stopping power may not develop until after several braking applications have conditioned the rim surface.  Proper "toe in" alignment prevents brake chatter
  5. Check the pad and rim alignment after the pads are broken in and after every ride
  6. Important: Do not ride the bike until the brakes are checked and functioning properly.  Designed for bicycle use only.  All Kool Stop Pads meet or exceed C.P.S.C and D.I.N bicycle standards

Supplied as a pair

MSRP: £28.00


Amba Distribution Limited
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