Busch+Müller Dart E Brex 6 - 48 V DC











Minimum quantity



Key Features:

  • With brake and emergency stop light function
  • Suitable for 6 - 48 V DC supply
  • Compact rack mounted light for E-Bikes and pedelecs up to 25 Km/H
  • Not approved for fast E-Bikes
  • Not for use with dynamos
  • No additional wiring to the brake lever necessary
  • Three light modes:
  • Permanent 
  • With Stop Light: The LineTec light beam lights up brightly and distinctly when slowing down
  • With Emergency Stop Light: Flashing and ultra bright in case of abrupt braking
  • Modern strip light technology with maximum signalling effect
  • Three arrow shaped elements on either side
  • Integrated Z reflector
  • Connect directly to the E-Bike battery or E-Bike headlight 
  • ± Connections for cable plugs
  • 50/80mm vario fitting
  • Weight: approximately 40 gm
  • Can easily be exchanged for existing light
  • StVZO compliant

For use only with E-Bikes

Busch+Müller introduces the new range of rear lights with BREX technology; which have a sensitive integrated acceleration sensor. This detects every braking process and differentiates the braking intensity. The tail light is controlled accordingly: normal operation, braking or emergency braking. Thanks to the integrated sensor, no wiring to the brake is required, unlike previous brake tail lights

The integrated Z reflector and revolutionary three arrow shaped elements each on the left and right ensure maximum visibility and awareness for other road users.  Its easy to mount on the rear rack with either 50mm or 80mm fitting options

Fitting instructions are found on the packaging