Busch+Müller Leval Curve Light Assistant











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Brand new and very revolutinary for E-Bikes, the Leval works in a similar way to the curved lights on modern cars.  It offers brightly illuminated curves for a comfortable and safe cycling experience. The curve light assistant is installed on the fork crown or on the bicycle handlebars between the bracket and headlight and is compatible with almost all E-Bike headlights. To integrate inconspicuously into the design of the bicycle, the Leval can be mounted above or below the handlebars. It is compact and light weight and will fit into the palm of the hand

The Leval works by compensating for tilt in the bicycle while navigating bends and or roundabouts for example.  The electronic control maintains a horizontal light/dark boundary and ensures a well positioned beam without glare. The beam pattern kept is level and the headlight is turned into the curve for optimal illumination exactly where better vision is required

Please note: If the adapter is prevented from functioning it is automatically deactivated for self protection

Key Features:

  • Universally mountable on to the fork crown or handlebars
  • No adjustment required: Assemble, activate and off you go
  • On / off slide switch
  • Optimal positioning of the Leval is at a 55° angle to the road
  • Headlamp and light bracket are not included 
  • For E-Bike 6 - 15 V DC batteries
  • Weight 85 g

NOTE: Please read the instruction manual carefully before installing or ask your local specialist bicycle retailer to carry the installation for you