Hebie FIX 40 Rear Stand 661

A classic from Hebie, this form fit propstand was designed for direct dropout fixing KSA40. It has a special adapter on the chain stay with a hole spacing of 40mm. It has a completely rigid and stable connection thanks to the direct dropout fixing. The chain stay is supported and it has a broad foot for stability. It can be continuously adjusted without tools using the Hebie twisting mechanism. It is designed for 26" to 28" bikes.

Key Features:

  • Sturdy design: form fit stand solution for direct dropout fixing KSA 40: special adapter on the chain stay, hole spacing 40mm
  • Completely rigid and stable connection thanks to direct dropout fixing
  • Massive steel head - 3mm
  • Chain stay supported
  • Deep threads with 40 mm
  • Coated tube
  • Broad foot for stability
  • Continously adjustable length without tools
  • Suitable for 26 " - 28" wheels
  • Weight: 390 g including fixings
  • Includes 2 fixing stainless steel screws
  • Load capacity up to 25 kg

MSRP: £25.00


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