Busch + Müller IQ-X M 4V - 48V DC 80/120 Lux

Key Features:

  • 120 Lux
  • Suitable for 8 - 48 V DC supply
  • High beam headlight
  • Regular mode: 80 Lux
  • Pushing the handlebar button activates additional 120 Lux high beam light
  • Requires at least 18 W nominal output of the drive system's light connection

For use with E-Bikes only ie NOT dynamo driven

In regular low beam mode, the new IQ-XM by Busch + Müller achieves an outstanding light output of 80 Lux: The extensive light field shines far, widely and homogenously – but like every headlight approved for road use, it has a clearly defined light/dark boundary. Pushing the ergonomic handlebar button breaks through this barrier: With 120 additional Lux, high beam light shines upwards. Enormous vision, a significant comfort plus.

The IQ-XM is a design headlight made of high grade aluminium and is suitable for E-Bikes with motorised assistance up to 25 km/h. The high beam handlebar push button shines green in low beam mode and blue in high beam mode. It can be adapted to fit Magura or Tektro brake levers.

Please note the following recommendations from Busch + Müller if you are planning to install your own E-Bike lighting system: 

  • Establish and/or measure the voltage on the cables or connecting point intended for the connection. Make sure this is within the parameters of the light specification
  • Establish and/or measure the polarity of the above mentioned connection and make sure to connect respectively to the correct pole using the instructions and/or the + / - signs on the light
  • If you are not able to establish either of the above, or are not sure then please refer to your local electric bike specialist to install the lights for you  

MSRP: £210.00


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