AXA Riff Battery

The AXA Riff is the first battery rear light which uses light guide technology. By using a combination of LED technology and advanced light guidance the Riff is completely light.  The light guide is also seen from the side ensuring you are more visible to crossing traffic. This rear light has an on/off switch. The Riff can be mounted at a distance of 50 or 80 mm.

Key Features:

  • 1 LED with life span of more than 50,000 hours
  • Light guide technique, the complete rearlight is lighted
  • On/off switch easy to operate
  • Mounting distance 50 or 80 mm
  • Battery operated
  • Battery life time: 100 hours
  • Including 2 AAA batteries
  • Integrated reflector
  • Water and shock resistant

MSRP: £17.00


Amba Distribution Limited
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