AXA Niteline T4-R Set

The AXA Niteline T4-R has a front torch light and rear light which are USB rechargeable. The lights are compact, but give enough light to be visible in traffic. The lights are easy to mount on the bike with the rubber straps. The AXA Niteline T4-R with 1 LED (head light) and 4 LED (rear light) light your bicycle for up to 6 hours.  

Key Features:

  • To be seen upto 2000m
  • 4 light modes
  • USB rechargable
  • Supplied with a UBS charger cable
  • On / off switch
  • Battery almost empty indicator
  • Including multi fixing mounting system
  • Easy to put on and take off your bike


MSRP: £26.00


Amba Distribution Limited
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