tout terrain Streamliner Trailer Bike

Thanks to its suspension the Streamliner trailer bike is perfectly suited to real rough terrain cycling and extended touring as well as local bike rides with the family. Once your child has out grown the Singletrailer the fun really starts because he or she can come along whilst peddaling without the physical demands being too much for the child.  Your child will also learn early on to maintain their balance and will be gaining in motor neuron activity whilst having fun riding with the family. 

Key Features:

  • 160 mm suspension travel
  • High quality air sprung shock for infinitely variable adjustment to the body weight
  • High quality CNC produced joint with ball bearing for connection to towing bike
  • Ergonomic, smooth running and child friendly components with high performance brake
  • Compatible with 29" bikes
  • Easy handling due to the very low weight of 8.9 kg
  • For children between 4 and about 7 years respectively up to a maximum of 35 kg body weight
Streamliner Action Carezza Trail Test Streamliner Family Outing
Downhill Streamliner


Please note:  You will need to order the shim and hitch seperately to suit your seat post size.

MSRP: £1,120.00


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