Supernova Airstream Rear Light 2 Rack Mounted

Key Features:

  • 12g weight including bracket
  • Constant or flashing mode
  • Powered by the Airstream front light battery
  • Three bright red 5 mm custom made LEDs
  • 6061 Aluminium body
  • Very small size
  • L x W x H: 16 x 61.5 x 11.5 mm
  • Cable length 95cm + 95cm
  • Compatible with the Airstream 1 & 2 front battery light
  • 50mm rack fitting
  • Five year warranty

The Airstream 2 tail light is one of the smallest rechargeable tail lights in the world. The power source for this light is provided by the Airstream 2 front light. This keeps the tail light slim and ultra light at 36 grams. The tail light's three LEDs are equipped with the Twin Beam technology and are therefore extremely efficient while the Airstream 2's overall burn time is only reduced by a few minutes. Easy to mount onto the rack this light will be unaffected by heavy vibrations. It will even withstand the heaviest downpours because it is entirely waterproof. You can leave the rear light on the bike and take the front light with you as a torch light anytime. The permanent installation protects the rear light from spontaneous theft. As with all Airstream rear lights you only have to charge the front light to also keep the rear light supplied with power.

250° Visibility:

What’s so special about Twin Beam technology? It combines the light of three LEDs in a smart and very efficient way by using two different beam angles so that you can be seen at any angle from behind.

MSRP: £49.00


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