Busch + Müller Flat S LineTec PLUS

Key Features:

  • LineTec
  • Standlight
  • 50 or 80mm fitment
  • Integrated Z reflector
  • Approved by German road traffic regulations
  • Rack mounted - 50/80 vario fitting

For use with hub dynamos only

Designed with two high power LEDs housed inside the 90mm LineTec light strip. The strip is made from transparent glass which shines red when operating. The light is super bright with 220° visibility. The standlight deactivates automatically after approximately four minutes or manually.  Thie light is very flat at only 20mm width. It can be fitted to 50 or 80mm racks and has an integrated Z reflector.  

What is LineTec?

When a rear light shines only as a single point of light, other traffic participants approaching a bicycle at night from behind can estimate the distance only inadequately.  This changes when the rear light becomes a wide light strip: Now the distance can be perceived much more accurately, because the light strip emits a "spatial light" in the 'spaceless' dark.  This special technology that creats a homogenous light strip from one high output LED is called LineTec.

MSRP: £16.00


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