Cinq Power Kit

The complete kit! Consisting of the Plug III, the Smart Power Pack II, X-Mount and USB cable. Everything you need all together to power a range of devices whilst on the go.

Plug III: 
Eco friendly power supply for USB devices via dynamo hub. The Plug III's simplicity is outstanding. The entire electroincs are uniquely and completely integrated into the Top Cap. The electronics are encapsulated with a sealing liquid in a housing completely made from aluminum to protect it from humidity and external impacts in the best possible way.

PAT II Technology: 
The Plug III comes with the PAT II (Power Amplification) technology as standard. The PAT II technology was specifically made for riders who travel with medium or lower speeds and it is now available for riders who ride at higher speeds as well. The full USB power is obtained at about 12km/h from better efficiencies which allows you to operate many devices with an integrated battery directly from the Plug III. The PAT II technology does not change the appearance of the Plug III as it is hidden within the head tube cartridge. The PAT II technology can also be retrofitted to any Plug II.

Ease Of Use:
The use of the Plug III is absolutely simple and requires no technical knowledge. With the aheadset expander which has an integrated cable channel installation is simple. This design allows retrofitting of the Plug III to many bikes.

Smart Power Pack II:
The Smart Power Pack II is the perfect addition for mobile cycling globetrotters and travellers as well as for every day use. It is equally suitable for recharging your tablet computer, smart phones or GPS devices. It has numerous smart features which make it the perfect multi purpose device for outdoor activities. Weighing in at just 85g and with a length of 95mm it is light weight and compact. It even incorporates a LED flash light and an integrated backup rear bicycle light. The optical SOS flash function allows you to send rescue signals in an emergency situation. The rugged aluminum housing withstands external impacts as well as corrosion due to its anodized surface and the rubber cover protects it against water and humidity while traveling on the road. Its easy to attach to your handlebars, stem or seat post using the flexible attachment system thus allowing you to minimise the clutter on your cockpit. The Smart Power Pack II attaches without the need for screws or cable ties etc and is therefore equally easy to remove from your bike when requried. When the unit is charged the LED will work for up to three days or upto three hours when not charged. Use it in conjunction with the Plug III to act as a buffer between a device and the The Plug III. This is great if you are using a power hungry device.

For easy and flexible installation on to the handlebar, stem or seat post makes. The X-Mount offers universal fitting and minimizes the clutter on your cockpit. There is no need for screws, cable ties etc so it is dismantled in seconds if you need to take it off the bike.

For the Plug III:

  • Meets USB specification: The Plug III converts power from an existing dynamo hub into USB 5V standard
  • Revised design: full integration of the entire electronics into the Top Cap offers a clean bike design, its easy to retrofit as well as a very good theft protection
  • Tough 6061 aluminum housing which is corrosion resistant: The tough housing does not only look great, but also withstands serious impacts 
  • iPhone support built in 
  • Plug in and ride - great handling in combination with the iPhone, because with the Plug III you do not need a special cable
  • With everything in a simple Top Cap installation becomes a piece of cake - just connect the cable with the USB Top Cap and the dynamo hub - it is that simple!

For the Smart Power Pack II - Unlque FLEXCHARGE System

  • Three adjustable charging stages
  • Charging during the ride via the dynamo hub and The Plug also at very low speeds - from at 8 km/h
  • Fast charging from a power outlet with a standard USB charger
  • Acts as a buffer between a device and The Plug. This is great if you are using a power hungry device that requires user input in stop and go traffic
  • Latest generation rechargeable battery cells provide over 10 Wh power capacity which result in approximately 4 hours of discharging at USB specification
  • Tough and splash proof aluminum housing

For the Plug III 

  • Weight: 100 g
  • Diameter: 3.6 cm
  • Height: 2.5 cm
  • Output: USB 5V
  • Supplied with the expander 
  • Input: dynamo hub with 6V / 3W
  • Connector: USB Typ-A

For the Smart Power Pack II 

  • Weight: 85g
  • Length: 95mm
  • Diameter: 30/25 mm
  • Capacity: > 3000 mAh/approx. 12Wh
  • Output: 5 V/1500 mA
  • Input: Flexcharge 5 V 100 mA/450 mA/900 mA
  • Connector: USB Micro Typ-B / USB Typ A

Ideal for energy hungry devices such as some droids

MSRP: £239.00


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