Busch + Müller UPP E 6V - 42V DC 30 Lux

Key Features:

  • 30 Lux
  • Suitable for 6 - 42V DC supply
  • Close range light
  • Integrated front reflector
  • Rear light contacts (RLC)

For use with E-Bikes only ie NOT dynamo driven

Simple. Stylish. Sound.

The UPP is delicate in design with very clear lines. It has a robust 30 lux headlight with light at close range and is ideal for city riding.  It is not approved for vehicles requiring registration plates. The light has no on/off switch. Switching is only possible though the on board console of the E-Bike. Alternatively it is "always on"

Light At Close Range:

For a secure ride it is important to be able to see the road directly in front of the bicycle. Bumps or potholes in the road can be seen better if this area is lit and can be circumnavigated by short and intuitive steering. During darkness this is only possible if the area between one and four metres in front of the bicycle is lit brightly and homogenously. Subjectively the need for light at close range is higher the slower one is riding, because one's balance can more easily be influenced by obstacles. "With light at close range" means that the light field emitted by the B+M headlights starts directly one metre in front of the bicycle.

Please note the following recommendations from  Busch + Müller if you are planning to install your own E-Bike lighting system: 

  • Establish and/or measure the voltage on the cables or connecting point intended for the connection. Make sure this is within the parameters of the light specification
  • Establish and/or measure the polarity of the above mentioned connection and make sure to connect respectively to the correct pole using the instructions and/or the + / - signs on the light
  • If you are not able to establish either of the above, or are not sure then please refer to your local electric bike specialist to install the lights for you 

MSRP: £38.00

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